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About Us

Elena lives in Denver, Colorado and enjoys creating her works of art under the brand of Stellar Serenity. Elena’s love for outdoors and nature inspires to create her mindful artworks. She is a painter, candlemaker, mosaic artist. She handcrafts her natural products with love, care and extra attention to the process. Her works use the colors observed a sunset or sunrise, the tender touch of a flower petal and the vitality of new leaves budding in the spring. The blend of colors, scents and ingredients in each handmade piece will refresh and encourage you to dream bigger to achieve your life’s passions.
Elena is also the founder of Adventure Camino, a company specializing in supporting pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago in Spain and Portugal. Elena’s book Camino Mysteries achieved #1 Amazon Bestseller status same day it was released. Elena is an engaging speaker and enjoys sharing her passion for this ancient journey by presenting, teaching and organizing her local Camino community group. Elena contributes her insights and practical travel knowledge in the videos and on the blog on her website to further assist anyone interested in undertaking the spiritual journey along the Camino.
Buen Camino and enjoy the artful projects inspired by the Camino!