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Camino Mysteries book

Camino Mysteries book

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Discover the magic of the Camino and be inspired and encouraged to seek higher guidance for your own personal transformation.

You’ll dance under the stars, explore an ancient castle with the Knights Templar and immerse yourself in the majesty of the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral and its ancient traditions.

Join Stella, a precocious seven-year old girl whose family owns an inn along the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Hiding on the rooftop above the courtyard, she listens with rapt attention and delight to the pilgrims telling exciting tales of their personal journeys. Desperate to experience the Camino herself, she departs with her brothers on a spiritual adventure where mysterious messages guide themonward to the convergence of the earthly and celestial realms on the Camino.

Passing through time warps, they find themselves transported into ancient settings, meeting incredible characters along the way.Traveling with a horse and cat, their lives are forever changed – they are finally Pilgrims. Empowered through messages of meditation, heart-centered living, and the spiritual magic, you’ll find yourself encouraged to go further into your own calling.